FISHBASE Information and Research Group Inc (FIN) and representative from the SMARTSeas Project, Knowledge Management and Coastal and Marine divison of BMB held a one-day complementation Conference at the Khush Hall of IRRI, Los Baños, Laguna last June 25, 2018.

Representatives from FIN presented updates on the their current projects with BMB such as the development of the SMARTSeas Portal and the customized fish database portal that will be linked to the Philippine CHM website. BMB representatives presented updates on current information systems including the CMEMP database of the Coastal and Marine division. Also discussed on the workshop are strategies and modes on the complementation and linkages of BMB projects with FishBase and SealifeBase, live links, regular updates and data sharing, and  discussion on the options for the long-term maintenance including hosting, hardware personnel options. As part of the agreement, the SMARTSeas Portal will be turned-over to BMB including all related documents including the submission of a Quick Reference guide or Users Guide for the Smartseas Portal project.