2nd Namunit Festival Biodiversity Conservation Seminar
25-26 February 2017
Sta. Teresita, Cagayan

bcseminar1The Biodiversity Conservation Seminar participants pose for a souvenir photo with the DENR-BMB staff

The DENR-Biodiversity Management Bureau participated in the 2nd Namunit Festival at Sta. Teresita, Cagayan. The theme of this year’s festival, “Bakong sa Lawa, Hatid ay Biyaya, Hiblang Pangkabuhayan, Ginhawa ng Pamayanan,” aimed to promote and strengthen the Bakong, as one of the the town’s source of livelihood. Bakong is an endemic type of hyacinth plant found in Lake Bangalao Sta. Teresita, Cagayan. The plant’s fiber is used in making handicrafts and woven fabric. Apart from the Bakong industry, the town also takes pride of the ecotourism potential of the numerous caves and cone karst formations that are similar to the Chocolate Hills found in Bohol.

bcseminar2 bcseminar3

The participants actively listen and participate during the Biodiversity Conservation seminar

The DENR-BMB sponsored a Biodiversity Conservation Seminar from 25-26 February 2017 participated in by 70 students and teachers from the various schools in Sta. Teresita and these include:  Sta. Teresita National High School, Luga National High School, St. Francis Academy, Sta. Teresita Central School, Mission Elementary School, Simpatuyo Elementary School, Alucao Elementary School, Dungeg Elementary School, Luga Elementary School and Maasi Elementary School. Ms. Maritess Agayatin, CAWED OIC-Chief with the IEC Team discussed modules on Biodiversity Overview, and on Introduction to Wetlands and Wildlife. The team also demonstrated other learning methods through an environmental game called the “Web of life”, and through an environmental skit with an interactive storytelling activity lifted from the book, “Fly Malaya Fly”. 

bcseminar4 bcseminar5

The participants with some teachers during the Action Planning session

At the end of the session, the participants were asked to illustrate their action plans on how they can help conserve Biodiversity in their respective homes, schools and communities. The participants reiterated that among the initial steps towards conserving biodiversity is to lead by example. The way to achieve it is to start with the basics.  These include being responsible in handling and utilizing natural and renewable sources such as energy, food, water and proper waste management. They also proposed to re-echo a seminar at their respective schools on the concepts they learned from the Biodiversity Conservation Seminar. 

bcseminar6“Kung Wala yun, Wala nito” contest winners: Mr. John Sindol represented by his teacher, Mr. Hanz Inovejas and Ms. Arlyn Pascua

The IEC Team also conducted a mini contest based on BMB Advocacy Campaign’s tagline, “Kung Wala yun, Wala nito” to assess the knowledge and appreciation gained by the participants on the lectures and activities conducted. The participants were asked to complete the tagline, “Kung Wala yun, Wala nito” statement with species/ ecosystems that are interconnected or cannot survive without the other. Mr. Hanz Inovejas of St. Francis Academy was adjudged as the winner out of 70 entries from the Biodiversity Conservation seminar participants. Ms. Arlyn Pascua and Mr. John Denver Sindol of Sta.Teresita National High School were named as 1st and 2nd runners-up, respectively.

bcseminar7 bcseminar8

The participants posting their Pledge of Commitment on the commitment tree

The participants wrote their pledge of commitment and posted it on the commitment tree as part of the seminar’s culminating activities.